Organization Design Plans

Professional Expertise for One Flat Rate

Eliminate hours of research, planning, and the worry of purchasing the wrong products for your space. You get my professional experience for one flat rate. Packages start at $235.00.

Have you tried to create an organization system only to find it doesn’t work?

It’s a familiar feeling. You spend countless hours searching the web, reading blogs, and sifting through Pinterest for the right ideas to organize your home.  You invest good money in all the containers and furniture but the items don’t fit or the system doesn’t work like you imagined. My Organization Design Plan takes the guess work out of creating a newly organized space.  I work within your budget, provide you with the products and quantity to purchase, and give you a guide to implementing the system in your own home.


Design Consultation

The initial consultation is spent reviewing your current space and discussing your goals for the area. I take measurements and photos and use this to create an organization plan.

Product Research

I do the research and provide you with the best products for your space. Whether it’s storage containers, a custom-built system, or simple baskets from the dollar store. I tell you exactly what products to purchase so you don’t buy the wrong thing.

Design Plan

It’s like a roadmap for your home. The design plan includes instructions for decluttering and sorting your items and a mock-up with specific item placement to help you visualize the final product.

Organization Expertise

You get an hour of my time to review the completed design and answer any questions. I’ll give you professional advice to break the project into manageable tasks and tips to help the process go smoothly. 

Single Design Package

Eliminate hours of research, planning, and wrong products selection for one area of your home.  This package gives you a single design map for a designated space in your home.

Double Design Package

All the benefits of the single design package with two design layouts.  This package gives you the option to see your space in two layouts.

Entire Room Design Package

Re-imagine an entire room! This package is great for remodeling projects, room transitions, and new room funciton.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete a design plan?

It takes about 10 business days from our initial design consultation appointment. I provide you with a document that links to all the products you need, the layout for the organization, and instructions to follow. This can take some time.

What if I don't like the design?

I gather a lot of information in our initial consultation. I find out what you like, what you don’t, and how your home functions. My professional experience has given me a wealth of knowledge to find creative solutions to the trickiest clutter problems.

Is this an interior design plan?

No. I’m a creative person and my organization plans are aesthetically pleasing, but I’m not an interior designer. Those professionals have years of training and education and provide a valuable service. My job is to make your home functional and solve the struggles of living a busy life inside your beautiful space.

My space is very cluttered and messy. Will this work for me?

Organization design plans help create a system where one is lacking. While I can design a plan for any space it may be best in high clutter areas to start with my decluttering and organizing services. This will give you an immediate improvement to the space and help us identify the true vision for your room.

Can you organize my space after you provide the design plan?

Yes! Many of my clients opt to have me create a design plan and implement it. My standard minimum for an appointment is three hours but an added perk of purchasing the design plan means you don’t have to pay for a minimum.

How is this different from a system purchased from a retailer?

Customizable storage systems are great and I often include them in my design plan. But most off-the-shelf systems are made to fit multiple spaces and the customer still needs to determine which parts will work for their needs. That’s what I do. I search for products that meet your unique needs, provide you a shopping list, and then tell you how to set it up and organize it.

Who should purchase an organization design plan?

This plan is for people that work well independently, are self motivated, and comfortable making decisions with minimal support. Do you find yourself going down a rabbit-hole of research when you start a project? Do you feel like you do tons of research and still struggle to make a decision? If those questions resonate with you it may be best to hire me to help implement the design plan.

I still have more questions.

I get it. You see photos of beautifully organized spaces but feel like that would never work in your home.  I’m happy to chat with you to answer more questions and give you a better understanding of what services may be best for  your home. Phone calls are always free and there’s no obligation to purchase my services.