It’s Monday and there are only three weeks until Christmas so today’s task is going to be short! This Christmas Declutter task is focusing on tissue paper, gift tags, and cards.

Gather & Sort

Gather all of your tissue paper, gift tags, and holiday cards in one room along with a waste basket or recycling bin.  Tackle each group separately and sort using the following guide for each one:

  • Toss damaged and crumpled items
  • Toss any cards that don’t have a matching envelope
  • Group tissue and tags by color and size as you go

Organize & Store

Assess what you have decided to keep and consider separating Christmas from other items if you have a large stock. If there’s not that much, feel free to keep it all together. 

Refold the tissue paper and place all the items in a container. I use a simple shoe box but you can certainly purchase something specific from a store.  Make sure you measure your largest item BEFORE you purchase a container to ensure it will fit.

Finally, put it away.  My suggestion is to store it near the wrapping paper we did on Friday.  

Final Thoughts

Remember the next time you’re wrapping presents, it doesn’t have to be a big production. Spend the time adding ribbons and special detail if it’s something you enjoy but don’t do it just because you feel pressured. I promise the recipient of that gift will not love it any less if it’s plain paper with no bows or ribbon.

See you on Wednesday for our final task!